Do you know that if you are not able to provide proof that you have properly and regularly maintained your heating and cooling equipment, your manufacturer could deny a warranty claim if the failure is due to a suspected lack of maintenance?

Hire us to maintain your system and don’t risk having to pay for an expensive warranty repair.

We offer two “ala carte” maintenance options – our 31 Point Inspection and our 33 Point Inspection – starting at $89 per visit for the 31 Point Inspection and $180 per visit for the 33 Point Inspection.

Click HERE to read about what these two services include.

Click HERE to learn about our Comfort Club Maintenance Agreement program and the many savings associated with each option.


Do not forget to schedule regular maintenance on your commercial equipment. We recognize that it can be difficult to remember what needs to be serviced when. Let us help you with that.

Contact our office at (717) 689-5372 to discuss rates or our preventative maintenance programs on commercial equipment.

Your employees and your customers expect your buildings to be comfortable. Do not let them down by failing to maintain your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems.

    Maintenance Contracts

If you are interested in a no-worry maintenance plan, read about our Comfort Club program. We offer plan levels for all budgets and needs. Call our office at (717) 689-5372 for more information.

    Filter Changes

Be sure to regularly change the filters in your system. Do not let clogged and dirty filters reduce the air flow through your system and decrease its efficiency.

We can provide you with the exact type of filter you need. Please call our office at (717) 689-5372 to order your filters or to have them delivered to your home right when you need them.

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